30 de maio de 2005

The Juniors Small Group from CHS - Christian Heritage School that I leaded until this sping (Frank- blue t-shirt,Andrew, Paul, Saulo, Joe and Richard)...We had a very good time throught this year, we hanging out a lot, playing skype, talking, drawing, laughing, palying soccer and even basketball...How Fun!!!  Posted by Hello

This is BRAZIL OUTREACH TEAM! Amy from the Nation of Minessota, Saulo from the sunny Brazil, and Paola from Mexico, with the great mexican hospitality! UUUUh Take That!!!the We will be teaching in DTS, training ywamers and doing seminars at the local church! Posted by Hello

I am doing my Final Exam on Historical View of Ministry... I hope I get a good grade...Ops, some SOTB staff will say, "Guys... it is not about grades, it is about the heart..." that is right! Posted by Hello

Amy is doing he project on I Corinthians... Posted by Hello

Cia is reading "Captivating"... Posted by Hello

Starbucks this morning with Amy Bogott and even also Cia Barnes... look how they spelled my name: salh... I don't what is that!!! But I could not miss my cappuccino!!! Posted by Hello

Pr Tom is blessing our lunch! These people are amazing! Posted by Hello

Andrew, my little friend from the Church, and me at a special lunch that Swan's made for all ywamers that use to go there every sunday! Posted by Hello

Woderfull Time of Fellowship with some brothers and sisters from Swan Methodist Church and YWAMers in a BBQ at Larry's property!!! Posted by Hello

Pr Tom Haygood drinking some coke... and his wife enjoying the view! Posted by Hello

Pr Marion's Mess (LOL) Posted by Hello

Larry and Carolyn are the amazing hostes of the BBQ!!! Posted by Hello

BBQ at Larry's. That was so awesome! Pr Marion made delicious hamburgers! We all enjoyed them so much! Its time for us do it again!!! Posted by Hello

Shekinah, Saulo and Amy, worshiping God on the sunday's service at Swan's Methodist Church, the church that I use to go every week. (You can also see Pr Marion on the right) I Miss yall Church! Posted by Hello

26 de maio de 2005

We are preparing ourselves for a lot of Pizza that suppose to coming soon... only talking... and you know how brazilians love talking, specially about BRAZIL. That night was so awesome! Nice time of hanging out...Thank you everybody that was at Dorm 5 May 25th!!! Posted by Hello

Edson and Leora, she is from Bahamas and he is from Joao Pessoa - Brazil! It was awesome talking in Portuguese here... they come staff SST this summer!  Posted by Hello

Pizza Party last night at the YWAM Twin Oaks Ranch, dorm 5! Those people are my friends who went to Brazil in may last year for outreach. They stayed in Fortaleza base at the same time that I was staffing there. Right now, they are here at Tyler, so we all get together to miss more and more how fun Brazil is! (this guy is Tim - he is awesome! and then we have Rachel Power...and some people behind...and a LOT OF PIZZAS!!!) Posted by Hello

There you go... After two thousands donuts... I am still alive ( and ready for more!), Robert is ready for a nap even before the class... Garret is ready for 24 h of work duties and Benin, even smiling, keeps hating 10 minutes break! Posted by Hello

That was my Donnut's mall group this morning L.Robert - Gana; Garret - USA, Benin, Zambia, and Rob - Canada, Saulo - Brazil (hey, I am taking the picture!) Posted by Hello

Saulo and Sue. She is a wonderfull women of God that today became my "table mate"! She used to ministry at Living Alternatives - a adoption agency of YWAM.However, this year God called her to do School of the Bible. (She is a great greek schoolar!!! - of course she will say NO!, but she it...)  Posted by Hello

23 de maio de 2005

Saulo Porto Posted by Hello

Well, there is Kansas! The flat land! The land of sunflowers and Dorothy... The land of a great family: the McCarts! Nice time in Kansas... Posted by Hello

Ryan(Mr I...) and Paola (La Capitana) are great friends of mine! This people are the better breakfast team maker that I ever met!!! This picture I took two weeks ago when Ryan took Paola to meet his family in Wichita - Kansas... They invited me to go with them... so I did...It was awesome! Posted by Hello

School of the Bible is full of group discussions. These one was last week at the class on Economics. They are: Saulo, Garret (from New Mexico) and Sara (from Idaho - the land of Napoleon Dynamite) Posted by Hello

Cia, other student from School of the Bible, and me, at Wendys, having the traditional sunday meal: hamburgers! Mission's life in US demands stomach for a lot of Hamburgers! I am not complaining, you guys have the best hamburger in the world! Posted by Hello