25 de junho de 2005

Saulo's Graduation from School of the Bible! Praise God, I get it! Posted by Hello

Graduation day... All SOTB staffs and (some) students... Posted by Hello

That is my place on earth! Posted by Hello

My african friends... "Le petit ballon sep touir" (the are from Burkina Fasso, and Ghana) Posted by Hello

Saulo and The Incredibles without mask.. Paola and Ryan, I love yall, I've been very blessed through your lives. May God keep putting his hands over you! The streams are becoming one... Posted by Hello

Elaine is a great friend of mine, She drove all the way from California to Texas to come for my graduation. I am so pleased to have her here during these days! Posted by Hello

Winkie Pratney, Larry Allen and Saulo Porto...(excuse me I had to put my last name as well...) Posted by Hello

These 2 are amazing, Janae and Rob, you guys are the best! ( I 'll miss you so much!) Posted by Hello

With Carolyn and Larry, from my Local Chruch in Tyler... (Love yall, Swam's Methodist Church!) Posted by Hello

Sue, Sara and Saulo , the 3 S's (lol) Posted by Hello

Greeting Staffs... Posted by Hello

Welcome to Louisianna... nice people, nice food, nice oligators...There we go!!! Posted by Hello

We are on the way to Brandon's house and we found this Gas Station with this Tiger inside a cage...that was fun... Posted by Hello

Hi Tiger...(some things only in Louisianna...) Posted by Hello

First moment with Brandon's family... the best BBQ I ever have had in the USA... great T-Bones! Thank you guys!!! Posted by Hello

Brandon, Garrett and Saulo, LA june 11th Posted by Hello

Amy and Sara, LA June 11th Posted by Hello

That's the famous Cafe DuMonde... Posted by Hello

Saulo, Garrett and Brando, at Brandon's house playing we his knife Collections... Posted by Hello

Nice coffee and "Begneaus" at the famous Cafe DuMonde - "Noleans" Posted by Hello

Riverwalk by the Mississippi River in N'Orleans  Posted by Hello

Bourbon Street - New Orleans  Posted by Hello

Brandon, Garret, Sara and Saulo. We have fun in Louisianna Posted by Hello

I am presenting my New Testament Project, teaching on the book of Colossians! Posted by Hello

Cranium Party, this is my favorite american table game, are you ready? Posted by Hello