28 de julho de 2005

Life in a Jungle demands some adjusts... Posted by Picasa

Amy does not miss any oportunity to preach the gospel... Posted by Picasa

That is a huuuuuuuuuuuge tree in the jungle Posted by Picasa

Amy and I we had the chance to preach at the radio twice... Posted by Picasa

I am taking my shower in a Jungle... Posted by Picasa

We were walking in very wild traking... Posted by Picasa

Yes, this is Amy preparing herself to a "shower" in a Igarape, a little river at the Amazon Forest! Posted by Picasa

We had the chance to visit a great friend of mine, Emanuel, this guys has showed to us his strength in the Lord after has had his leg amputed. We had the chance to encourage him and his family, please, pray for them! Posted by Picasa

This group is the the students from the School of Creative Evangelism in Fortaleza, I did teach them for 3 hrs and Amy did the same as well. It was a great experience. Posted by Picasa

We find this donkey by the YWAM base Posted by Picasa

Amy is preparing her studies on Disciple Nations Material Posted by Picasa

Here is me and my mom... her name is Lucia! Posted by Picasa

15 de julho de 2005

Amy is having a great time, of course, drinking coffee with brazilians staff at YWAM Fortaleza! Posted by Picasa