31 de agosto de 2005

In the way to the YWAM International Conference, we stoped in SALVADOR, for 3 days of resting and history - SALVADOR, Bahia Aug 29th and 31st

Salvador, the portuguese word for "Savior". According to the History this land was consacreted to the God Withus right when the first colonizers arrived here Posted by Picasa

Brazil started here... 5 centuries ago, portuguese sailers were arriving at this area...now is one of the most beautiful cities, with a lot of history to tell and show Posted by Picasa

Do you guys want some acaraje?  Posted by Picasa

Some Natives from Salvador... who are they??? Posted by Picasa

Paul Appelget by the Lacerda Elevator Posted by Picasa

Amy and Piettra, at Pelourinho, Salvador Posted by Picasa

Saulo in Praia do Forte - Bahia Posted by Picasa

Projeto Tamar, to protect marine turtles Posted by Picasa

Saulo with these biiiiiiiiiiig marine turtles! Posted by Picasa

29 de agosto de 2005

One week in Maceio, how God has been so faithful to us! Aug 22th - 28th

Welcome to Maceio, our step this week. This is sunny and windy land was prepared to be blessed for the Lord. Its one of the most beatifull states at the northeast but also one of the most poor in Brazil. This place needs of Discippleship, this is the reason God brought us here... in few days we ministry to 45 students at the night school, we gave a staff trainning at the base, we went to the streets meet some street kids, we gave a semminar to a local church. We passed through all the doors God opened to us, now we have the fruits to share. The harvest is so great... Posted by Picasa

YWAM Maceio base, 5 years old and 7 staffs long term and 20 volunters partial time commited Posted by Picasa

At the bus stop, you guys can see that we receive pretty well the new menber in our team, Paul Appelget, the School of the Bible leader in Brazil. Its was so awesome having you with us, Paul! Posted by Picasa

Pietra and Amy are ready to next teaching at Brazil Outreacho Team in Maceio! Posted by Picasa

45 Students from the Night School (speacial missionary training YWAM does with the local churches in Maceio). Amy and Paul were teaching this people this week. Posted by Picasa

Amy is sharing a word of encouragement to "her" students at the graduation service!  Posted by Picasa

Paul Appleget (he is the School of the Bible Leader in Brazil) joined our team at Maceio. He was teaching with us at the some Night School that Amy was teaching the Apologetics. ( This other guy is his interpreter!)  Posted by Picasa

Saulo gave a training for some staffs and volunters of YWAM Maceio Posted by Picasa

Please, pray for Albiana and Artur, these two need so much for God's protection, their lives is not so easy on the street, specially because they are very young... (YWAM is making the first contacts towards the retoration of these street kids) Posted by Picasa

Amy felt in love with Artur, this 5 years old boy. Just like Albiana, they need be touched by the love of God. Posted by Picasa

Saulo and Albiana. She is only 5 years old, ans has to ask for food at the streets in Maceio. I share a word of Love from God to her and the other ones... Posted by Picasa

24 de agosto de 2005

Joao Pessoa - Paraiba Weekend Aug 19th - 20th (PRAYER SEMMINAR AT AGAPE BAPTIST CHURCH)

Joao Pessoa - Paraiba Posted by Picasa

The Most Eastern point in the Americas... here the sun rise first! Posted by Picasa

I preached in the first service at the Prayer Seminar Posted by Picasa

Joao Pessoa is so beatifull, we are on an Island that only stay as a Island for few hours... Posted by Picasa

Amy and Piettra eating some BBQ steak ... Posted by Picasa