20 de outubro de 2005

OCTOBER WAS MY VACATION. I went to Aracati, 3 hrs from Fortaleza... stay there with my family...So many things has happened...it was so great!

Juliana and Saulo... have you heard about this girl? If not... she is Saulo's girlfriend since sep... we are praying seeking God's will to our lives together...please, keep praying for us. Juliana is going to do her DTS next february at Fortaleza YWAM base. Sweet! Posted by Picasa

My sister, Melisa, and my Mom, Lucia Posted by Picasa

My mom (Lucia) and I, at the sunny beach of Canoa Quebrada... Posted by Picasa

Canoa Quebrada beach at Aracati City(where my mom lives), 3hr from Fortaleza Posted by Picasa

Hanging out with some "old friends"...that is so cool! (Daniel, Hamirah, Queren and Saulo)  Posted by Picasa

I am at the beautifull beach of Canoa Quebrada, 5min from my mom's house Posted by Picasa

13 de outubro de 2005

Sep 5th to 15th, I left the International Conference to join a mission trip to a Guajajara Tribe in the middle of the Amazon!

The villade early in the morning, kinda cold... Posted by Picasa

The chief received us with a welcome dance Posted by Picasa

Look how this people is so precious! Posted by Picasa

This is Lucas, he is so full of life, so smart... all the time with us. He is a christian little indian... like all of them, he needs prayer concerning about his life in the village, they need eletricity, water, a better health and education Posted by Picasa

we have to "take shower in the river" and that was the most important to ministry all the kids! Look how fun it was! Posted by Picasa

I gave a mission training to the team of 22 youth from Sao Luis under the trees... in a heat of 90F. But they are so hunger to know about missions that they were all the time asking me questions concerning the mission life. Such a pleasure answer all of them... Posted by Picasa

Little indians during a river fun time... let's stop for a pic! Posted by Picasa

This is my dorm at the tribe... very confortable! Posted by Picasa

All Missionaries: Beneval, Saulo and Nonato. Please pray for them.  Posted by Picasa

A simbol of the new generation God is raising between the Guajajaras Posted by Picasa

They cryed so much when we left. This people is in my heart now on. Posted by Picasa

Worship at the Latin America Conference - Sepp 1st to 8th! That was so awesome!!! Posted by Picasa

Fortaleza staff at the conference Posted by Picasa

YWAM Fortaleza was there doing a promotion of SOTB Brazil and other ministries  Posted by Picasa

Saulo and Loren Cunningham Posted by Picasa